Meeting Planners

We have only one goal in supporting professionals like you who are tasked with planning events: to make you and your event a success.

We pledge to do this through:

  • Full support of event objectives
  • Customization of program presentation content and style to match audience background and expectations
  • Blending our programs seamlessly with presentations by other expert speakers on your agenda (including coordinating with other speakers in advance where it’s helpful in support of your goals)
  • Reacting positively to those last minute needs that often pop up
  • Removing all uncertainty on your end – so you’ll never have to worry us meeting your planning deadlines, exceeding your expectations, or failing to fully deliver on commitments made to you and the audience


We’ll work actively with you and your event planning team to:

  • Solicit advance input from sponsors, key decisions makers and other influencers
  • Tailor materials, emphasis points, examples and slides to match sponsor objectives and audience backgrounds
  • Deliver a live or recorded program that exceeds your expectations
  • Summarize our observations and conclusions for debrief with you and your clients

Audio-visual and Event Venue For Skills Training Presentations

Our preference is to use our own laptop for all training presentations – anApple MacBook Pro. This is because we have a deep history of examples in our files, and can easily access these files in response to audience questions.

For Conference Keynote and Breakout Sessions

While our preference is to use our own MacBook Pro at conferences, we fully recognize and appreciate that your AV set-up and professional support team may want us to use your equipment. That’s no problem at all. Just let us know in advance so we’ll be ready.


We prefer a wireless lavaliere (clip on) microphone. But we’ll work with the equipment you prefer.

Participant Handout Materials

Of course, we’ll work closely with you to prepare any advance distribution on on-site participant materials. No worries!

PowerPoint or Other Projection Files

We’ll bring the actual live presentation on both our computer and on a memory stick – just in case

(let us know if you want it in advance for pre-loading to your equipment).