Fraud Risk Management Tools

Fraud Risk Management Consulting

Tailored to client-specific organization risks, needs and preferences, our Fraud Risk Management Consulting services start with a quick assessment of strengths and gaps, followed by action plans to address steps forward.

You’ll benefit from:

  • 100% tailored solutions to your unique challenges and fraud risks
  • Efficient focused consultation suggestions and results
  • Customized VIP Roundtables
  • Confidence that you are pursuing ‘best of the best’ proven ideas on Fraud Prevention, Detection and Incident Response
  • Confidence from removing the mystery and managing risks effectively

Fraud Prevention Results Coaching

Our results coaching services supplement our group training by providing your key department managers with the extra steps they need as function leaders to Prevent Fraud in their areas of responsibility.

Participants benefit from:

  • Learning exactly what they need to say and do as managers to lead their work teams in Fraud Prevention and Quick Detection
  • Exploring daily actions to take to support their employees’ efforts
  • Avoiding statements and actions that get in way of effective work team prevention efforts

Fraud Prevention Action Checklists

Checklists work as well or better for experienced employees than they do for newer staff. That’s why airline pilots, surgeons, scientists and the military use them every day. Our action checklists and draft articles for in-house or client publication provide great questions to ask and actions to take before approving:

  • Invoices from suppliers and contractors
  • Employee time sheets
  • Purchasing Card (P-Card) transactions
  • Travel and other out of pocket reimbursement requests
  • Journal entries
  • Wire transfers and other forms of electronic funds movement
  • Contracts and contract invoices
  • Construction payment applications
  • Many other daily transaction review events
  • Video tips and reminders

Comprehensive Fraud Prevention Toolbox

Our Fraud Prevention Toolbox is our most comprehensive service offering. Tailored to each client’s needs, it includes:

  • Tailored on-site and technology-delivery Fraud Prevention employee skills training
  • Consulting with leaders on Fraud Prevention strengths and gaps
  • Coaching executives and department managers on daily anti-fraud actions and behaviors
  • Action checklists and draft articles for in-house or client publication
  • Other tailored supporting services as requested by each client