Fraud Prevention University


Through Fraud Prevention University, we provide Fraud Prevention and Quick Detection skills training to executives, board members, managers, first-level supervisors and staff. All programs are tailored to the client’s industry, unique business models, organization-specific fraud risks and exposures, and culture.

Program length varies from executive and board briefings through two-day intensive deep-dive skills training seminars.

Typical length for employee thru manager training is one-half day – leaving us the option of morning and afternoon sessions the same day so employees can cover for each other.

Participants in these programs benefit from:

  • Exploring – with precision – what can go wrong in their areas
  • Building red flags and other indicators that should prompt immediate action
  • Learning ‘how-to’prevention actions during transaction review and approval
  • Confidence from removing the mystery and managing their risks effectively
  • Knowing they are an active part of the solution – not just bystanders

Organizations benefit thru:

  • Reduced losses
  • Faster detection – when issues are smaller and easier to handle
  • Engaged employees at all levels
  • Higher quality transaction review, processing and approval activities
  • Enhanced morale that results from ‘best in the industry’ status

All FraudPreventionPro skills training seminars are tailored to the client’s unique needs.