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How Much Fraud Do You Have

I’ve asked this question of hundreds of client leaders. Only a few – less than 10 so far – were able to answer based on their own detailed analysis of losses. In those organizations – and dozens of others where we’ve helped quantify this cost – losses in the range of one to two percent […]

Fundamentals of Fraud Risk Management and Prevention

Every leader in every business, education, government and not-for-profit organization has at least one thing on common. We all want to prevent fraud on our watch. While there are never 100% guarantees, these six actions dramatically improve your odds of success 1. Strong Fraud Prevention Controls – Of course, formal procedures and daily behaviors directed […]

One-Step Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention in one step? Are you kidding me? No – not at all. In fact, it’s easier than most business leaders think to Deter and Prevent Fraud in their organizations. But it all comes down to one critical question. Right now, if you asked any first level supervisor, manager or executive, what would they […]