About Fraud Prevention Pro

Our purpose – our very reason for being – is to assist client efforts in Fraud Prevention and Deterrence.  We do this through our simple yet comprehensive Six-Step Fraud Prevention Pro System. This System can be applied in any organization in a very short time period.

We’ll cover your risks of wrongdoing, misconduct, cooking operating results. theft of information-based and hard assets, and outright fraud. Like hundreds of clients over 30 years, you’ll benefit by reducing losses, mitigating and managing existing and emerging risks, and efficient, effective steps to respond to events with confidence.

The heart and soul of Fraud Prevention and Fraud Risk Management initiatives is informed, competent, interested manager and employee involvement.

Approval signatures on business documents mean nothing if signers don’t know – with precision and clarity – what fraud looks like before they sign.

There’s a huge gap between general awareness of fraud risks and knowing exactly what each employee should do in the moment to prevent wrongdoing and fraud.

Over 90% of executives, managers, first-level supervisors and key control employees acknowledge they simply do not know how to prevent  fraud in the documents, transactions and relationships they oversee.

Together, we’ll close this risk gap by providing meaningful skills-based Fraud Prevention training to your team – tailored to the real-world situations and transactions they encounter every day.

Our training is 100% daily action driven. We focus on where and how to look for red flags. What to ask. How to doubt. And how to resolve or refer suspicions. Tiny theory, big action. We show your employees what to do – and what to avoid doing.

We solve worry 🙂

Don’t make the mistake of assuming your team knows how to prevent fraud targeting your organization. Let’s make sure they know. Give them the proven steps they need to support your Fraud Prevention efforts.

Partner with us to recruit every executive, manager, first-level supervisor, and control employee to your Fraud Prevention Team.

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