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Tired of wondering whether your managers and employees are capable of preventing wrongdoing, theft and fraud? Stop wondering. They’re not ready. Not with the clarity and precision they need to oversee the fraud risks right in their areas of responsibility.

But they’re willing. Over 80% of managers and employees at every level say the single most important action leaders should take to Prevent Fraud is to train them in the ‘how-to’ skills they need.

That’s exactly what we do. Helping you avoid the inefficiency of inventing a solution that already exists.

We solve worry 🙂


Looking for a solution to business Fraud Risk Management concerns? Our six-step Fraud Prevention Pro System will give you and your employees exactly what you need to do – and what to avoid doing – to build a solid Fraud Prevention and quick Fraud Detection defense.


– on our watch –
we will no longer tolerate
Lies, Deception, Wrongdoing, Misconduct, Theft or Outright Fraud


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Step 6

Meaningful, ‘how-to’ Fraud Prevention and Fraud Detection Employee Skills Training.We’ll take the lessons from Steps 1 thru 5, and build a tailored training program just for your employees and managers. Participants benefit from knowing exactly what questions to ask before putting their good name on transactions. Replacing doubt and uncertainty with proven day-to-day Fraud Prevention actions for use on the job. And leaders benefit from knowing that their teams are well-armed and ready to march into the Fraud Prevention battle together. Make sense?

Step 4

Fraud Prevention Controls are the foundation of the one-two punch of controls and behaviors. Control procedures tell reviewers what to do. They lay out the support required for transactions, approval requirements and authority, and they ensure the proper recording and summary of activity. They cover access protocols, asset protection procedures, and just about everything else that running a business organization requires. How strong are your Anti-Fraud controls?

Step 5

Step 5 in your Fraud Prevention defense is to evaluate existing behaviors and surface the gaps between what’s laid out in policies and what’s actually happening in the real world. Do your employees and managers know to Look – Ask – Doubt – & Resolve or Refer before putting their good name on documents? Control procedures tell them what to do. Fraud Prevention behaviors are how they should do it.

Step 1

Fraud Prevention Step 1 is critical – but too often overlooked. Visible Vocal Leadership Support at every level in the organization. Not just one-way policy dictates and occasional lukewarm reminders to remain aware of threats. Meaningful, proactive, daily words and example deeds that show staff exactly how to manage risks and prevent fraud. Required staff meeting level discussions that say, “We have this risk – every organization does. And we need your help to fight it.”

Step 2

If it’s not written, it’s not a plan. Fraud Prevention Step 2 is a quick review of your existing anti-fraud policy documents, Codes of Conduct, Ethics and Governance Statements, Reporting Hotline literature, and anything else already in place telling everyone exactly what’s expected and what to avoid. We’ll match your current documents against true world-class ‘best of the best’ ideas to see how you stack up and where you can adjust and strengthen your policies.

Step 3

Create a Loss Scorecard. Every business leader knows: What which gets measured improves over time. It’s the heart and soul of every business improvement effort. So shouldn’t it work for reducing your theft and fraud losses too? You bet it does. Learn how to build a simple one-page scorecard of your top six to eight fraud risks and losses – your low hanging fruit. It’s the starting point for any meaningful Fraud Prevention Campaign.

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